Best Natural Acne Treatments For Teens

Best Natural Acne Treatments For Teens

The issue of face acne is one disease that is often experienced by most people around the world.

Usually Acne can appear with early symptoms such as blackheads either white (white head) or black (black head) and marked with spots on the skin are accompanied by pus

Most of the acne will appear at the age of 28 years and under as well as age pubertal adolescents between 12-17 years. At this time a teen will be more vulnerable, exposedacne due to hormonal changes that occur in the body.

Although many expect the acne problem may disappear by itself, but in fact many are still experiencing the problem with acne until the twenties age.

Best-Natural-Acne-Treatments-For-Teens-567x380 Best Natural Acne Treatments For Teens

Best Natural Acne Treatments For Teens


Causes Acne On Teenager :

  • Hormonal Changes
    The main cause of the outbreak and most acne is due to hormonal changes. The changes which occurred in these hormones will make or produce oil can cause clogged pores, even sometimes inviting the growth of bacteria. When things like this continue to happen, it will cause the skin to become distracted and will make acne grow on the skin of a teenager.
  • The Presence Of Excessive Sweating
    The second cause of acne in teenagers appeared as easy is the presence of excess sweat. The incidence of sweating will make the skin become susceptible to sweat. Acne-acne this would easily attack them when the weather is hot and tubub easy sweating. In addition, because the air is hot, Acne can also emerge when sweating after doing sports. So for those of you who often do sport and cause a lot of sweat, a naturalness When You easily get sick of acne. Acne easily arises because sweat has mainly existed acne on your back.

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The many ways that you can do to get rid of acne. And for all of you teenagers who have acne-prone skin problems, here is how to treat acne at teenagers age that can be done :


Natural ways to treat acne on teens :

1. Diligently clean your face
As has been said before that the key to overcoming acne all at once as a way to prevent acne is not diligent in coming is to keep clean. So you have to be diligentdiligent clean the face or your face. Acne is caused by the presence of excessive oil on the skin of your face. Clean the face can clean the dead skin cells that accumulate on the face so that it can be lost. In cleaning the face you can use SOAP or cleanserantiacne cleanser that is suitable for your facial skin.

2. Notice the pattern of your sleep
Facial cleanliness not only just, but the incidence of acne is also influenced by sleep patterns, particularly for those who are male-sex. Try doing not lack of sleep and avoid staying out. This is because the best time to sleep is to start skin care at 22:00 and woke up at 05:00. At this time very active skin cells to replace the skin cells to die and also the stimulus for the formation of new skin cells. For those of you who have insomnia disorders, then you need to discuss with your doctor about this in order to get the best advice that you can do.

3. Treatment Using Ice Cubes
Did you know that ice cube can help get rid of acne on the face or faces? You can put ice cubes on the acne that appears on your face every day. Ice cubes can also becombined with a variety of natural ingredients to eliminate acne in teenagers.

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4. Treatment using Aloe Vera
One of the natural ingredients that can be used to tackle acne treatment is to use Aloe Vera. From the past we know that Aloe Vera is a natural ingredient that has lots of benefits and also benefits. One function of Aloe Vera is treating acne. In addition to providing cool effects on your acne, thereby reducing pain, Aloe Vera is also beneficial for relieving a variety of acne scars are often left on the skin of the face.

5. Rubbing Lemon in the face or Faces
The next natural ingredients that can be used to get rid of acne is to use lemon. AHA content contained on lemon is quite powerful, effective, and also safe for your facial skin. How that is done for facial skin care using this lemon is to use the water the juice from the lemon or use lemon slices directly to rub it into the face or your face that there is acne.

6. The first way is to maintain the cleanliness of the face by way of regular wash face twice a day with a face wash SOAP made from lightweight and contain no Scrubs.

7. Do not often hold and squeeze acne because that dirty hands will make the infection getting worse .

8. The third way is to keep the skin from being exposed to the weather too cold/sunlight for too long .

9. Avoid the face exposed to the dust in great numbers.

10. The fifth way is to use a water-based moisturizer regularly 1-2 times a day.

11. Do Not Use Cosmetics Overload

12. Do Not Use Oily Hair Products

13. Keep Your Hair From Your Face

14. Don’t Touch Your Face,  Touching or rubbing your acne can worsen the situation.



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