What Causes Chin Acne And Chin Acne Treatment

What Causes Chin Acne And Chin Acne Treatment


Acne can appear in a variety of places, is no exception on the Chin. Moreover, in the face, Acne can also appear on the chest, neck, shoulders, or back. Acne appears the fish clogging of the hair follicles in the skin. The blockage is caused by dirt mixed with oil and dead skin cells.

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What Causes Chin Acne And Chin Acne Treatment

The incidence of acne on the face can reduce a person’s self-confidence. But not only that, Acne can also be priced spray the existence of health disorders in the body.

According to the study, the growth of acne is not just because of the buildup of dead skin cells, and the blockage of bacteria on the face. Location of acne in certain parts of the face could mean the signal that was sent the body to tell something is not right in the internal organs.

If you feel a pimple in the area around the mouth and Chin never lost even though it uses drugs, there is the possibility of acne exterminator kidney trouble. Holistic health expert John Tsagaris explains that the cause of the onset of acne on mouth area generally is the hormonal changes and stress.

While acne on the Chin area, can be indicative of an imbalance of kidney function. As quoted from the Daily Mail, John says that less drinking could interfere with kidney function. When it is not working optimally, it can be seen from the appearance ofacne on Chin area.

You have to keep organs functioning properly and not treat it like a machine. Remember always that enough sleep, relaxationhydration and eat healthy and balanced diet can help skin look fresh and healthy, “stated John.


In addition to keeping the skin to avoid acne on the face parts anywhere, be it the forehead, nose or cheeks, John advised to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. Foods recommended John for keeping health and skin smooth implementation process, includingcucumbers, watermelons, melons, celery, carrots, fruit bits, Aloe Vera, lettuce, potato, papaya, pear, raspberry, red rice and beans.

While the foods that should be avoided is sugar, processed milk products, milk chocolate, beverages containing caffeine and fizzy drinks. Subtract also the consumption of shellfish, processed food manufacturers, food packaging and food containing a lot of fat and oil.


Chin Acne Causes : 

To eliminate or avoid the arrival of acne on the Chin, you have to know in advance the cause factors.

Lifestyles : One thing that could be a cause factor is your lifestyle. Apply the following lifestyle in order for Acne on the Chin you don’t dare show up again.


  • Food intake. Reduce the consumption of products that use refined sugar. Various studies also encourage you to reduce a diet high in carbohydrates or processed dairyproducts. These products could potentially increase the risk of acne, including on the Chin. As one effort to reduce acne, healthier food consumption.
  • Avoid the habit of smoking. This custom is also obliged to avoid if you want to reduce the acne. Not just acne, smoking a matter closely related to the risk of the arrival of other diseases.

Medical causes of acne on Chin : If you feel that the lifestyle is not a factor in the growth of acne triggers. Included in the Chin, then recommended to see a doctor expert. You may experience other conditions that are more serious, such as:

  • Hormonal imbalance. The doctor will usually perform examinations like blood tests to know of any abnormality on hormone levels. If it is proven that your acne are hormonal, the doctor will prescribe for hormone balancing.

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Acne is caused by Daily Clothes : Unwittingly, Your clothes may be one factor causes the onset of acne. In addition toclothing, check out also matters related to clothing.

  • The possibility of allergy. Acne on the Chin might be caused by allergic reaction on the skin. Allergens can cause or allergen from suits, scarves, or other apparel made from certain materials which come into contact with the skin. Immediately get rid of your clothing that supposedly powerful become allergens.
  • Select a suitable detergent. There are some detergents too harsh for the skin of some people. As a result, the skin may Redden and embossed spots that resemble acne.


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How To Treat Chin Acne :

1. Clean your face 

Make sure if You frequently clean the face. Dirt and dead skin cells when mixed with oil that is secreted from the sebaceous glands can lead to acne. So, clean the face of the scrapmight just to keep it clean.

2. Using Honey

Massage your Chin with honey. Let all 10-15 minutes and then flush with cold waterand milk. Honey skin and damming is one among a natural way out to tackle acne on the Chin.

3. Lemon

You can use lemon to cure acne. Rub a piece of lemon on acne on the Chin. Let dryand flush with cold water.
4. Tomato
Tomatoes help make the skin look clean and shining. Massage the Chin with tomatoes to get rid of acne as well as the rest of the acne.
8. Banana peels
5. Banana’s Skin
Mix the banana peels with yogurt. Provide in the face to get rid of acne and other skin problems like the rest of the tanned skin and dark spots.
6. Steaming 
Steaming is one of the most excellent way out to tackle acne on the Chin. Steaming can get rid of the dirt, some dead skin cells and white blood cells are turning so acne if you do not do well.
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