Simple Way How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars Naturally

By | September 15, 2017
Acne is indeed very disturbing our appearance however Acne can be lost in a while.But do not be happy after your acne gone it doesn’t mean your problem is over. After your acne disappear will usually show up acne scars and more difficult to eliminate.
but don’t worry this time we will discuss how to get rid of acne scars naturally. 

Things that causes acne scars

Before we start discussing how to get rid of acne scars, we must know what are the things that cause acne scars.
1. sun exposure
the main causes that can cause acne scars is because exposure to UVA and UVB rays. When you have pimples on your face and then you are exposed to sunlight for a long time then most likely your acne will leave black acne scars
2. using a lot of cosmetic
3. squeeze the pimple
After we know the causes of acne scars, we will begin discussing how to get rid of acne scars. There are two ways to remove acne scars, there is a natural way to use and medicaluse.
This time we will only discuss natural ways to get rid of acne scars.
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1. Cucumber

cucumber is a vegetable that is tasty and can also be used to remove acne scars.

Why use a cucumber?
  • Cucumbers contain collagen which is very useful as the fasteners of the skin and refreshing the skin of your face.
  • Cucumber can trigger the process of exfoliation of dead skin cells and also trigger the regeneration of new skin cells so that the result, black acne scars in the skin of your face will be more quickly lost.

How To Use It

  • First take cucumber, then slice the cucumber into thin in some parts.
  • Then place the slices of cucumber to your skin areas that have acne scars and wait for 20 minutes.
  • Then wash your face with hot water which directly followed with cold water.
  • For maximum results, use regularly once every day.


2. Tomato

The tomato is a vegetable that is rich in vitamin c. tomatoes are also great for removing acne scars .

Why use a tomato ?

  • Tomatoes contain an antioxidant that is good because it has vitamin c and vitamin e
  • Tomatoes contain potassium and iron is very high, so that it can form the structure of the facial skin that is healthy and well, can eliminate acne scars quickly.


How to use it ?

  • prepare one tomato and cut into pieces.
  • Paste the tomato pieces to the right area of your face that have acne scars and wait for 20 minutes.
  • then wash your face with cold water
  • For maximum results, use regularly once every day.

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3. Egg white

Ways that you can use to overcome acne scars on your face skin is to use egg whites.

Why use egg whites?

  • the egg white is known as a very useful source of protein to regenerate dead skin cells and replace them with new skin cells
  • Egg whites contain B vitamins are very high
  • Egg whites have enzymes called Lisozyme


how to use egg white ?

  • First you should make sure that your face is really clean, so you need to wash your face first.
  • brush egg white to the area of your face that there is acne scars
  • wait until it dries as a mask
  • Once it dries and then wash your face with warm water
  • For maximum results use this egg routinely.

4. honey

the fourth way to remove acne scars is using honey .

why using honey ?

  • Honey contains antiseptic that will prevent the development of acne causing bacteria and also prevent inflammation or infection from the bacteria that will certainly leave acne scars.


how to use it ?

  • Apply honey to your face that have acne scars
  • wait for 20 minutes
  • after that clean your face with cold water


5. Dregs of tea

the last way to remove acne scars is using dregs of tea .

why use dregs of tea ?

  • dregs of tea contains vitamin c, vitamin a, vitamin e which is good for skin health. For those who have oily skin dregs of tea can reduce 50% oil on your face. 


how to use it ?

  • take dregs of tea
  • apply the dregs of tea to the area of your face that have acne scars
  • wait for 15 minutes
  • wash your face with cold water
  • do this everyday for maximum result




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