Best Natural Forehead Acne Treatment

Best Natural Forehead Acne Treament

Acne could grow everywhere in your body, not only on your face. It also grows in your cheeks, chin even your chest. Well, there are many causes of the incidence of acne on the face and causes small pimples on the forehead, so that the risk of the emergence of pimples on the face and the forehead will be high. If pimples on forehead already appears, then the calm just because there are several powerful ways that can get rid of acne on my forehead quickly. Curious how? Check out the article below.


fd Best Natural Forehead Acne Treatment

Best Natural Forehead Acne Treatment


causes of pimples on forehead : 

Before you find out different ways to treat acne on forehead, then it’s better if you know in advance what are the things that cause the onset of pimples on forehead . The following are some of the causes of acne based on internal and external factorsthat cause the onset of pimples on the forehead.

  • Genetic Factors
    One of the factors that causes pimples on forehead, especially if not genetic factors.
  • Hormonal Factors.
    Factors of hormonal imbalance are one of the major factors why Acne can appear on the forehead.
  • Stress and depression
  • unhealthy lifestyle


Well, once you know the different factors cause acne on forehead, then it’s time you find out various ways of overcoming acne on forehead, good use of herbal ingredients to medical treatment.


1. Lemon

If talking about whether a powerful herbal ingredients to treat different types of pimples on the face, then the lemon is the answer

The following are some of the benefits of lemon juice for pimples on the forehead :

  • The Lemon herbal material is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial that is great at killing various bacteria and germs that can cause acne on my forehead.
  • Lemons have citric acid that has a variety of benefits to overcome your acne. The citric acid in lemon is very useful as a natural peeling can trigger the growth of new skin cells and clean the dead skin cells. In addition, the citric acid can also get rid of the excess oil, whichis one of the main factors why Acne can appear on the forehead.

How to remove pimples on the forehead using lemon : 

  • First, take 1 piece of lemon and also a little clean water. Well, then mix in lemon juice into clean water, then stir the mixture until evenly distributed.
  • After that, apply a mixture of lemon juice and water to your forehead area that there are acne gently. Remember, do not scrub acne roughly.
  • Allow the mixture to infuse the lemon water in the skin of your forehead until it dries.
  • After it dries, wash your facial skin by using clean water and dry it immediately.
  • For maximum results, use this lemon juice once a day on a regular basis for pimples on forehead deflate.

2. Tomato 

The tomato is the herbal ingredients that are no doubt the greatest and potency in overcoming various problems in your skin, including acne inflamed though on your forehead.

the benefits of tomatoes to treat pimples on forehead : 

  • Tomato cells able to repair damaged skin quickly, so don’t be surprised if acne quickly deflates and acne scars on the forehead may soon disappear from your skin.
  • The tomato has high antioxidant content so that it will prevent free radicals that can cause inflammation of acne on your skin.

How to treat pimples on the forehead using a tomato: 

  • First, take 1 piece of tomato, then cut thinly into several slices
  • After that, you can attach the tomato slices directly on the area of skin on your forehead that there is acne.
  • Wait for sticking in your skin for approximately 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, lift the slice of tomato, and immediately wash your skin with clean water.
  • For maximum results, you can then use this tomato mask once per day on a regular basis, even after your acne fades so that acne on the forehead does not arise again in the future

3. Wash your hair 

If your forehead continuously covered with acne, then as much as possible you wash your hair every day. Well, why is this so? When we perform daily activities, then there can be avoided if our hair and scalp will be covered with a variety of oils, sweat, dust, dirt, bacteria, and other types of pollution. If your hair is overgrown these things and your hair stuck to your forehead, then any kind of oil, sweat, dirt and bacteria on the hair will move from the hair to the skin on your forehead and the result of acne will appear.

Therefore, how to prevent Acne to grow longer at the forehead washes your hair every day so that all the pollutants that are stuck in your hair can disappear and will not cause acne. Choose a shampoo that has a mild or mild nature, so that the content on the shampoo will not close the pores of the skin on the forehead and may be the cause of inflamed acne.


Tips Avoid pimples on Forehead 

Once you know the various ways to remove acne on my forehead, naturally you want to know also how to prevent the emergence of pimples on the forehead right? Well, here’s a helpful tips that may be useful to prevent pimples on the forehead.

  • Wash your Face twice a day. One simple way all you have to do is wash your face twice a day. That way, any dirt, dust, bacteriaand pollution that is stuck to your forehead can be immediately eliminated and pimples on the forehead was not going to appear.
  • Change your hairstyles. If you want to avoid pimples on your forehead, then immediately consider replacing your haircut. Berponi hairstyle or haircut that makes your forehead covered by hair will make the pimples on forehead growing in fertile. If your hair is long, it is better to cut your hair your hair into pigtails, so your forehead free from helaian hair that is usually plagued by their dirt and bacteria. This way is also beneficial as a way to get rid of acne on the head.
  • Use A Moisturizer. Well, after you cleanse your face, then it is better to apply moisturizer and the cleanser also for oily skin breakouts and your trust. Your facial skin, particularly on the forehead, needing a moisturizer so that the occurrence of inflammation due to oils and pollutants that crawled on your skin it will not happen
  • Do not use Cosmetics. Cosmetic uses in excess of course will clog the pores of the skin on your face, including on the forehead. Well, clogging the pores of this will trigger the growth of pimples on your forehead. Therefore, you better use a list of cosmetic for face acne-prone, such as powder suitable for acne-prone skin or foundation to skin breakouts.


Well That’s how you treat acne on forehead. I hope this article help you fix your problems. Thank you for reading this article



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