Permanent Treatment For Acne, Is It Possible ?

Permanent Treatment For Acne, Is It Possible ?

Permanent Treatment For Acne, Is It Possible ? well this question is really hard to be answered . many people are already sick of facing acne problem . 

Maybe they‘ve tried various ways to cure acne but no results are really satisfactory

There may be some things they miss, they take for granted but that’s a factor why acne never recovered . 

Little things can be the cause of acne is not cured. 

Some of it is a bad Habits. 

Let’s talk a little about bad habits that make your acne worse .

Permanent-Treatment-For-Acne-Is-It-Possible-619x380 Permanent Treatment For Acne, Is It Possible ?

Permanent Treatment For Acne, Is It Possible ?


A Bad Habits For Acne Sufferers :

  • Too often touches the face
    don’t get me wrong, there are some bacteria or microbes that contribute in the formation of acne on the face we include Corynebacterium acnes, Staphylococcus epidermidis, and Ptyrosporum ovale. So, do not often – often touches the face you if you hand in a State of dirty.
  • Diet
    Basically the diet has no effect optimally in the formation of acne. There is some research that says that foods that contain fat such as ice cream, nuts, chocolate and fried foods will ease the onset of acne. But there are some people who disagree with it and to say that someone who is undergoing a diet or what ever it has no effect against the onset of acne.
  • Too long exposed to ultra violet rays
    Ultra violet rays, this had the effect of killing bacteria on the surface of the skin, ultra violet rays can also penetrate the top epidermis namely skin tissue to the very bottom of the chain i.e. dermis this will effect on bacteria that reside in the part in the glands of the skin, ultraviolet rays also cause exfoliation of the skin so that it will remove the blockage of channels that are present in the skin. But, if exposed to ultra violet rays too long will cause the skin to become dry and result in skin glands produce more oil to keep the skin moist.
  • A State Of Psychic
    In some people, stress and emotional disturbances can trigger the onset of pimpleson the face. However, the relationship between stress and emotional disturbances are not yet there are definite data to support such a statement.
  • The use of cosmetics that are too long
    Acne arising due to the use of cosmetics there are no relation to price, brand, and the purity of the materials of manufacture of cosmetics. The use of cosmetics that are too long will clog the pores on the face and eventually came to acne. Acne is formed initially in the form of blackheads on nose, Chin and cheeks.
  • Rarely cleans the face before going to bed
    Facial skin cells will be berregenerasi and work more active when we sleep is therefore rajin-rajinlah to clean your face before bed and use the cream of your usual sleepwear. If we don’t clean your face before going to bed, the remnants of the make upwill make the skin pores clogged and eventually came to the pimples on the face.


Well know you know some habits that you think it’s good but it has big effects for your skin .


Mild treatment for acne using herbal that really works if you do it everyday :

1. Ice cube 

Ice cube is one of the herbs that you can use to help root out stubborn acne on theface. How do ice cubes work to get rid of acne? Ice cubes can quickly help eradicateacne by increasing blood circulation in the location of acne resides. Lancarnya blood circulation, can help remove stubborn acne.
Ice cubes can also assist the freezing pore pore that opens wide the skin, kill bacteria, eliminate oils that accumulate on the skin of your face and helps eliminate impurities on the skin. This effect is especially important to help eliminate acne on face naturally.
2. Honey
Honey is one of the herbs that can be used to root out stubborn acne on the face.What is the function of the honey for Acne on the face? honey is an herbal antibiotic substances which have very high which can help you prevent infection as well as the healing process of the skin.
3. Lemon 
How to get rid of acne quickly is by using lemon, fruit that is very rich in vitamin c is very potent eradicate acne arising and large. The lemon juice is very potent to shrink pimples quickly. Make sure you make it yourself, don’t buy the juice in the bottledue to chemical substances.
4. Garlic
Garlic is also very powerful to root out stubborn acne on the face and restore the  sustainability  of your natural face. Garlic is an antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant, antiseptic and can also be utilized for skin health. The Sulfur substances content of garlicare very potent in the stubborn acne healing process.

5. Tomato

The tomato is one of the fruits that have been used since antiquity in helping smooth the face prior to the existence of a range of beauty products. The content of vitamins A and C in tomatoes is excellent in helping eradicate acne.

6. Aloe Vera 

Never heard of Aloe Vera for Acne? may be rare, because it is usually very popular use for hair. Aloe Vera will provide an important effect in acne problems, especially for those of you who already give jerawatnya effects inflammation. Effect of Aloe Verais very important to reducing inflammation caused by acne and redness of pimples.It can also reduce the oil found on the facial skin, this oil is the main cause of acne.

7. Cucumbers 

Cucumbers have been very fimiliar used as a facial mask to get a facial skin smoothand radiant. Effect of cucumber can work as an anti-inflammatory, it is suitable to treat acne that started to blush and gives the effect of inflammation.


How to get rid of acne Through Life and habits : 

1. do not put your hands on acne 

Simple isn’t it? but this much is not understood by many people who are having problems with acne. The hand contains various bacteria and dirt resulting from activities that you do throughout the day. If you have a skin allergy, then the range will likely add to the acne-new acne on your face. Besides acne will add a  vicious ‘ when contaminated with dirt and bacteria that spread through the hands.
The easy way is very effective to let your acne disappear quickly without treatmentof any kind. If necessary remind in the minds of you to continue to do so.
2. often do sports
What to do sports with Acne? Maybe you know this time is a good sport for health in General. At its core is by exercising you will be sweaty, sweaty benefits one of which is to remove the toxins in the body. The epidermis of the skin on the face is certainly also need a detoxification (removing the toxins) to Acne does not continue to grow and develop. With a sweaty you can help eliminate stubborn breakouts on yourface.
3. avoid stress
The chemical reaction caused when you stress can trigger increased production of hormones that can increase the acne on your face.
4. Drink Water
White water can help detoxify or remove toxins in the body include helping blood circulation which may cause the onset of Acne can be stubborn.
Well thats Permanent Treatment For Acne, Is It Possible ? i dont know, try these tips and you know the results .
Thank you for reading this article and share this article if you think it’s helpful .



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